Pi Day Event: Tour of R/V Atlantis and Q&A

Time correction: Due to daylight savings, the event is moved one hour later, to 8:30 PM EST

We are excited to celebrate Pi Day with a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse into the in-the-field work on marine biologists Lena Yakubovskaya and Natasha Butkevich, researchers at Stony Brook University and instructors at SigmaCamp. Natasha and Lena are on a 6-week expedition in the Pacific studying Minimum Oxygen Zones and their effect on microbiology. Please join them via Zoom at 8:30 PM EST on March 14th to see the ship, meet Master Derek Bergeron - Captain of R/V Atlantis, and ask questions about SigmaCamp 2023.

Zoom link: https://sigmacamp-org.zoom.us/j/85946867712

Download flyer PDF here