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2024: JC Application

Eligibility and information

Eligibility to apply for the Junior Counselor position:

- you must be a SigmaCamp alum

- you are turning 16 years or older before the start of Sigma 2024

- you are currently in 11th or 12th grade (for international students, last two years of high school: contact if unsure of eligibility)

- you can make yourself available in August 2024 during dates of camp (August 8-17)

- you have not previously submitted a JC application.

SigmaCamp is introducing a new program (name TBD) for older students (tentatively 15-17 y.o.), which will take place right after SigmaCamp at the same location. The JC application is only for SigmaCamp, not the new program. The rules for participation in the programs in context of JC applications are as follows:

- If you are not applying as JC you may participate as a student in either or both programs (if you are eligible).

- If you are invited as a JC and accept, you may not participate in the new program as a student

-If you are not invited as a JC, you may still participate in the new program as a student (but may not participate in SigmaCamp)

-You may only apply as a JC once. If not invited as a JC, you may re-apply as a full counselor a few years later as a college student.

As are all SigmaStaff, JCs are volunteers (not paid). All living expenses and travel expenses are covered. The application deadline is December 1st at 23:59 EST. Your application isn't complete until you have submitted this form and received a confirmation from us by email. If you don't receive an email from us confirming, get in touch with us. 

Results will be announced in March 2024.
 If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Contact info: Daniil Lukin,