RSVP Form for Taste of Sigma Lecture, November 10, 2019

On Nov 10, 2019, we are holding our first "Taste of Sigma" event. During this event you will attend a lecture by our faculty Tatiana Pyatina (same one she gave at SigmaCamp 2019), meet Sigma Faculty and board members (so you can ask them any questions you might have), and meet other parents and prospective parents. Feel free to bring your children (age 12 and up). Admission is free but seats are limited, so registration is required. To register, please fill the form at the bottom of this page.

We would like to thank Simons Center for Geometry and Physics for hosting this event!

Sunday, November 10, 7 PM Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook University

The Story of Two Poisons: polonium-210 and Novichok

by Tatiana Pyatina

The lecture will discuss recent poisoning events of former KGB officers in the UK from a scientific point of view. What do we know about Soviet and Western chemical weapon programs, and how did these programs evolve over time? Which scientific evidences link both poisoning events with the Russian secret service? How was the radioactive polonium poisoning identified in a hospital? Why “Novichok”, which is one of the most lethal nerve agents, hadn’t killed intended victims? How it was possible to save the victims’ lives?

About the lecturer: Tatiana Pyatina holds PhD in environmental engineering and chemistry from Caltech. After obtaining her PhD she worked with Schlumberger Service Company developing materials for subterranean well constructions. Presently she is a material scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory and develops new materials for geothermal energy production.

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