COVID policies

Please find below the policies for vaccination requirements and exceptions, as well as updated the travel and testing requirements. For this moment it is unclear how rules will change by August, but for now COVID vaccination is required for all participants. We are able to accommodate some exceptions to this requirement:

Medical exemption: To receive a medical exemption, please submit a doctor’s note that describes in detail the medical reason why the child is not able to receive the vaccine.

Vaccination with the first dose only: Some students are not able to receive the second dose of the vaccine in time for camp: A notable case is students from Canada, where a delay in distribution of the second dose is experienced. We will permit participation with a single dose, considering families’ situation on a case-by-case basis. In case you are unable to get a second dose of the vaccine by the time of the camp, please contact us at

Please make sure that you have obtained exemption from vaccination by July 1st, which is the date before which we can still refund your tuition payment. 

Students who are not fully vaccinated will be required to follow the CDC guidelines for unvaccinated individuals throughout the duration of camp. For students who are not able to get vaccinated for other reasons, we offer the option to be put on the waitlist for Sigma 2021 in the event that CDC vaccination requirements are eased. In that case, we will be very happy to invite you to participate this summer. PCR testing and travel quarantine requirements: A negative PCR test is still required for all participants. For fully vaccinated students who are travelling by air to attend SigmaCamp, a 3-day quarantine before the PCR test is no longer required. For students with an exemption from full vaccination, a 3-day quarantine before the PCR test is still required. Please recognize that the situation is evolving rapidly, and we will be updating our policies to align with the evolving recommendations of the CDC.