SigmaCamp SCREEM Halloween Events 2023

To celebrate Halloween Sigma-style, we are very excited this year to be hosting not one but two Sigma Campers’ REcreational Engineering Marathon (SCREEM) events! The first one will be on Friday, October 27 in Boston, and the second on Sunday, October 29 in Stony Brook. Please visit the respective pages of the events for more details. We have been hoping for many years to make it possible for more SigmaCampers to participate in this exciting event, and hope that this year those from the Boston area will come and join us.

In order to participate, you must register! 

Please visit the pages for the two events and register there (spots are limited). You are welcome and encouraged to bring your friends, even if they have never heard of Sigma or POM before!

Sunday, October 29 in Stony Brook SCREEM Event link

October 27 in Boston SCREEM event link