SigmaCamp 2018 has ended

It is hard to believe, but SigmaCamp 2018 is now over :(

It was a great and busy week - week of studies and fun, friendship and debates, games and music, and more! Thanks to everyone involved - our campers and their parents, counselors and staff!

We have posted a number of photos at - thanks to Natalia Ilina​ and Vicka Bershadsky. We have a lot more photos - we will post some of them once we unload the truck and get some sleep.

Hope to see you all in SigmaCamp 2019!

Sigma Camp Day 7

Today was the last full day of Sigma!

As usual we started our day with lectures after breakfast. We discussed Fermat’s principal to bend light, investigated how to visualize, map and model the brain, examined the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences and learned about special effects that were around way before the computers even existed.