Day Four

A choice of three lectures was offered to campers on the fourth day. Konstantin Khrapko discussed aging and search for endless life,  Alexander Abanov taught that there are literary thousands ways to tie shoe laces, and that mathematics and empirical rules can be applied to how to do that.  Dima Kharzeev looked back in time to the unknown to see how the universe has started.

Labs brought on new experiments and discoveries in the world of science according to our school age audience.   All this was still possible and more dynamic, though by accident Kostya Khrapko was caught consuming some of the ingredients for one of the labs for a midnight snack the night before.

Campers took interest in a great variety of workshops offered in the afternoon. The choice varies from day to day, with more than 10 offered daily.  Sherlock Holmes club attracted a lot of attention, as well as building silicon garden and “what’s inside your I-pod” workshop.

Today’s Sigma Tournament was centered on math games.  Leading Epsilon team lost, and the scores hierarchy changed. 

Organized by campers, chess tournament attracted a lot of attention. Every free minute was spent at the board, with more than 40 kids fighting for the prize.

More campers participated in rock climbing activity. Counselors were checking that everyone was using a sunscreen on such a hot and sunny day.