Day Five

Four choices of lectures this morning. Robotic surgery and origins of life captured most of the audience.  This gave an opportunity to some interested parties to have intimate discussions on beautiful topics of how to listen to music and how to do geometry with a ruler and compass alone. In the meantime Gabe, the junior instructor, captured the attention of the youngest inhabitants of the camp with a talk about the digestive system. In the second part of the day junior instructor Mark brought the excitement of the chess to our youngsters. 

All labs were running in usual rambunctious style. At the end the cooking semilab provided all around with a wonderful Cаesar Salad as an alternative to the cafeteria lunch.

Chess and ping-pong tournaments were heating up as the competition is moving toward the final stages. Same was true for the participation in Sigma Tournament. A lot of passionate discussions were had on composition of today's teams and the current day's results and their effects on the final team ranking.

Evening clubs and experiment of the day filled up the night. The last minute Hustle dance lesson was quite popular.

Photography by Lena Stulen.