Sigma Day 6

The morning dawned chilly and cloudy but did not dampen the campers' high spirits!

Today campers chose from lectures on biology and physics. Dr. Slava Yurchenko discussed invisible organisms, while Dr. Mark Lukin led students in exploring how bacteria and viruses have informed the development of genetic engineering. Meanwhile, Dr. Igor Zaliznyak's shared with students in-depth insight into the Bernoulli principle. Last but not least, Dr. Alexei Tkachenko gave an entertaining lecture on random walks.

Today in semilabs students finished up their projects for the week. In beginner NXT robotics, all class members successfully programmed their robots to run through a maze! An amazing feat for beginners who have never used RobotC before. In other technological semilabs, students finished programming microcontrollers, creating their own java-based computer games and learning the finer points of Postgres database administration.

During dinner campers collectively celebrated a fellow camper's birthday, with specially prepared chocolate strawberry cake.

Come workshop time, campers could choose from an eclectic variety of worshops. Marc again explored the theory and practice of juggling while other campers broke open geodes with Tanya. Of course one of the most popular workshops was glass blowing with Dr. Mark Lukin!

After workshops campers could learn to dance in the dining hall, learn to play professional mafia, and strut their trivia skills in a game of Brain Ring.