Day 1

The first full day of SigmaCamp went spectacularly well. First, we had several very interesting lectures, including ones on the Mandelbrot fractal; how we perceive galaxies and stars; and the science behind nanobots, among others. Afterwards, we had our first semilabs, full of chemistry, biology, robotics, and many more. The sky began to darken and we started our workshops. There were many incredibly eventful workshops, such as making ice cream using liquid nitrogen; playing with the slimy virtual quicksand known as oobleck; our famous glass-blowing workshop that creates beautiful flowers; a continuation of the discussion on the Mandelbrot fractal; along with many other spectacular workshops. The last events of the day were our daily evening clubs, which included a trivia Brain Ring; the most complex game of Mafia ever; an Escape the Room challenge; and a casual campfire chat between faculty and campers. Tired after a long, full day of exciting lessons, we savoured our milk and cookies and headed to bed, eagerly awaiting the next day!