Day 4

Day 4 has come to an overwhelmingly successful close! We started off the morning with some extraordinary lectures, on topics such as Darwin's theories, special relativity, plane linkages, and Apery's constant. The day continued wonderfully; sun shining, birds chirping, semilabs buzzing! After programming robots, tying knots, and learning about the chemistry of fire (among other classes), we took turns swimming, boxing, playing chess and ping-pong, and many more fun activities! We delved right into workshops after our dinner barbecue at the lake, which included spectacular lessons such as tuning a piano, learning Korean in an hour, discussing SET game strategies, making boomerangs, and collecting coins, among others! Finally, we spent the rest of the evening applauding Sigma's wide variety of talent! This year's talent show was full of dancing, singing, gymnastics, saxophones, guitars, and whimsical skits - each act more stupendous than the last! The night wound down to a close and SigmaCamp went to sleep, our bellies full of milk and cookies.