Day 6

The last full day of SigmaCamp 2017 is coming to an end! After our last lectures of the season (topology, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, machine learning, and quantum physics), we hosted our final grand unification Sigma tournament, all the teams competing against each other. Following closely behind the completion of the tournament, the annual scavenger hunt (dubbed simply SigmaThing) unfolded. Campers and counselors alike were sent running around looking for watermelons and cantaloupes, based on logic puzzles and clues found scattered throughout the campground. The afternoon programme included the Awards Ceremony, the Movie Festival, and the Closing Ceremony. The movies were parodies of Shrek in different genres, and all 12 teams (plus staff) delivered on some quality entertainment. However, the main attraction of the night was the delivery of personalised diplomas and then the sealing of the SigmaSpirit in a bang and a puff of smoke! The vial containing our collective spirit would remain untouched until next year's Sigma, carrying on a long tradition. Campers are now at an all-Sigma dance party to celebrate the end of the season fully!