Sigma Camp Day 6

Today was the last regular day of Sigma Camp! As usual, we started our day with our daily morning exercise. After a satisfying breakfast, we proceeded to our phenomenal lectures. We discussed quantum computers, studied protein communication using tools developed for the study of social networks on the web, found out that Galileo made a mistake, and observed how simple ideas influenced thinking of the scientists.


Sadly, today was the last day of our semilabs. We experienced countless scientific phenomena and we would definitely miss the time we spent there. In our semilabs, we examined and developed the technologies behind escape the room games, programmed our robots to get out of the maze, discussed order and disorder operators in the Ising model to develop a Jones polynomial, completed an analog synthesizer, shot copper coils into the sky, attempted to recognize digits that campers created using machine learning, discovered what soap bubbles and oil spills have in common, recrystallized chocolate and discovered mysterious secrets of chocolate making.


 Before the lunch, campers and staff played soccer and chess in our annual chess-ball tournament. Even though the faculty and counselors won this time, campers will have another shot next year! During free time, we created some amazing art in our art studio, went for a refreshing swim in the lake, and climbed to the sky in our high ropes course. 


After a satisfying dinner, we battled the rain to get to our last set of our workshops for Sigma Camp 2018. We created flexagons, programmed robots to play robotic Sumo, mapped toroid planets, learned the basics of OCaml, inserted wires into a potato, discussed the peer review process, and created some original puzzles. We did not hesitate to discover the art and technique behind portrait photography, build a phylogenetic tree, create our own boomerang, determine latitude and longitude with only a watch and the stars, make our own rocket engines, and cook more crepes. Only the bravest of us flew powerful black powder model rockets, played some Avalon, wrote efficient algorithms, tried to capture images using infrared light, built a bridge with no nails, screws, rope, glues, or notches, and investigated the physics behind a perfect three-pointer in basketball. 


Before our nightly milk and cookies we found time to learn how to dance rumba, visited virtual reality, and joined mafia with a twist. During our team time we wished the happiest of birthdays to Andrew. 


Despite our sadness that Sigma Camp is almost over and we have to go back to our regular lives, we spent an amazing time with our old friends, made a lot of new ones, and discovered a lot of new things and skills. Tomorrow is a very special day for us and we cannot wait!


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