Sigma Camp Day 7

Today was the last full day of Sigma!

As usual we started our day with lectures after breakfast. We discussed Fermat’s principal to bend light, investigated how to visualize, map and model the brain, examined the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences and learned about special effects that were around way before the computers even existed.

After the lectures we had a grand finale to our Sigma tournament. We worked with our teams to solve some puzzling problems in math, physics, and chemistry. We were very proud of team Rho, which took the first place!

After the tournament was completed we proceeded to a team event where we had one last chance to travel between various exciting stations in our teams. After lunch we gathered for an award ceremony. The winners of the Sigma Tournament together with the winners of chess-ball and Ping-Pong tournaments received their awards. We read the diplomas for our treasured faculty. After the ceremony we had a chance to pack up and clean our cabins in the preparation for leaving the camp tomorrow morning.

The official Sigma Camp closing ceremony started right after dinner. Our counselors read our diplomas and gave us a gift – books that will help to maintain our interest in different areas of science. While we received our diplomas we signed our names on a vessel where Sigma Spirit will be dwelling until Sigma Camp 2019. At the end we gathered at the campfire and sealed the vessel with the Sigma Spirit saying good-bye to Sigma Camp 2018.

Even though our Sigma Camp 2018 is officially over, the fun hasn’t stopped yet! We are still dancing into the night spending the last hours at Silver Lake with our old and new friends. Please, do not forget to come and pick us up tomorrow morning!

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