Day 6

The last full day of SigmaCamp 2017 is coming to an end! After our last lectures of the season (topology, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, machine learning, and quantum physics), we hosted our final grand unification Sigma tournament, all the teams competing against each other. Following closely behind the completion of the tournament, the annual scavenger hunt (dubbed simply SigmaThing) unfolded. Campers and counselors alike were sent running around looking for watermelons and cantaloupes, based on logic puzzles and clues found scattered throughout the campground.

Day 5

Sigma is still in full swing as the week draws to a close. The morning started off with several lectures, on topics such as measuring time, cosmic inflation, and mathematics of the brain, to name just a few. The last semilabs of the season finished up today, bringing our wonderful academic journey partially to a close. We had a highly interesting trivia game instead of the Sigma Tournament today, with questions about everything imaginable and answers ranging from the practical to the bizarre.

Day 4

Day 4 has come to an overwhelmingly successful close! We started off the morning with some extraordinary lectures, on topics such as Darwin's theories, special relativity, plane linkages, and Apery's constant. The day continued wonderfully; sun shining, birds chirping, semilabs buzzing! After programming robots, tying knots, and learning about the chemistry of fire (among other classes), we took turns swimming, boxing, playing chess and ping-pong, and many more fun activities!

Day 3 - more photos