Day 2

The campers woke up to a delicious breakfast of french toast in order to fuel up for their second day of semilabs. In one semilab, campers got to program the color sensors of a robot to stay inside the field, and in another, they cooked a hotdog with an electric current. Our lectures today covered topics from explosions to melting crystals. We had several breaks where campers got to swim, climb, boat, and play all of their favorite games. We had our first Sigma Tournament day today, where camper teams faced head to head in math and physics questions. All the teams came up with very creative solutions to the problems! After a cookout-style dinner of burgers and hotdogs, our campers headed off to workshops. There, they got to learn about cake decorating, juggling, linguistics card games, and solving Rubix cubes among others! Campers concluded the day with evening clubs, team time, and milk and cookies.