Day 4

Starting with a delicious breakfast of bagels and eggs, our campers were ready for another day of Sigma! Today was the last day of the first round of semilabs. Campers enjoyed their last days with their instructors and said their goodbyes! Tournaments were in full swing today, with ping-pong, tennis, chess, and foosball running simultaneously. After a lunch of chicken nuggets, our campers headed to the first ever day of counselor lectures! Our wonderful counselors shared their research, interests, and skills with the campers. Campers also participated in their second day of the tournament which consisted of chemistry and biology problems. Afterwards, they had the opportunity to paint, play tennis and rock climb, and practice their instruments. Workshops on mandala drawings, making macaroni, piano tuning, and designing an escape room ran after dinner! We ended the day with ballroom dance, a game of mafia, and VR games. Campers went to bed excited for their mid-week special Sigma day tomorrow!