Day 6

The morning our campers had a great breakfast of omelets and sausages. Afterwards, they went to their semilabs for the second day where they got to learn about data structures, cryptography, and modeling with Julia. It was raining during the morning so campers weren’t able to participate in the typical outdoor activities. Instead, they headed to the game rooms to play board games, ping pong, and foosball, or to their cabins to hang out with their teams. Campers ate delicious deli sandwiches for lunch and after lunch, campers got to listen to counselor lectures! Counselors gave lectures about artificial intelligence and linguistics, growing hearts in petri dishes, the effects of drugs on the brain, and quantum computing. Today’s tournament was math games, where campers went head to head to beat their opponents through developing strategies. After a spaghetti and meatballs dinner, campers headed to their workshops where they could build boomerangs, crochet hyperbolic planes, and debate how to rightfully live among many more. During evening clubs, campers had the opportunity to learn how to dance tango, participate in book club, and participate in the ‘game of games’ event. After milk and cookies, campers headed to bed after another eventful day.