Day 7

Campers had a wonderful breakfast of pancakes to get them ready for a great day! They attended their third day of the second round of semilabs. During their break, campers had the chance to participate in a camp-wide scavenger hunt! The scavenger hunt was a great success and the campers did a great job solving all the riddles. The campers fueled up with burritos for lunch before heading to lectures. The lectures today included one about Bernoulli calculus and another about the physics behind spying. After lectures, campers had a quick snack before participating in the third day of M.E.M.E., where the campers continued to build and test their boat design. These boats will be officially tested on Friday. The teriyaki chicken dinner helped the campers gear up for art workshops such as baking cookies, pottery, decorating jenga block and making watercolor paintings. The featured event was the chamber concert, where many campers performed and supported their friends. Team time was spent brainstorming SigmaTank ideas (our camp's version of SharkTank) and preparing for the final day of semilabs.