Day 8

The morning began with a filling breakfast of bagels before campers attended their last day of semilabs. It was a bittersweet day as campers got to finish their projects and say goodbye to their instructors. After semilabs, campers had a great time during the SigmaBreak participating in sport tournaments and taking advantage of the art barn. Campers fueled up with a lunch of sloppy joes and went to the day's lectures. After lectures, campers participated in the fourth day of the Sigma Tournament. The tournament subjects today were computer science, linguistics, and an engineering challenge. After a relaxing break, campers had dinner of chicken cutlets and pasta. Our workshops today included boxing, learning geometry, and learning about math logic games. Today was our last day of evening clubs and campers made the most of their time at their favorite evening club. After team time, campers went to bed excited for all of the activities planned for the last day of Sigma!!