Day 9

Today, the campers had many events, starting with Grand Unification -- the final day of the Sigma Tournament where all the teams compete against each other by solving math and science problems! Our Sigma Tournament winner this year was Team Beta! Next, the campers raced their boats across the lake, which they have been working on throughout camp. All the teams did an exceptional job creating boats that got over half way across! Next, the campers presented their ideas for SigmaTank (a spin on the show SharkTank, where people pitch their new business ideas). Each team identified different problems at Sigma and came up with a solution to solve it! We also had our awards ceremony, and handed out prizes to those who won the Sigma Tournament, as well as the winners of the ping pong, chess, tennis, and foosball tournaments. Finally, we ended the day by closing the SigmaSpirit! Thank you all for an amazing Sigma2021 :)