PoM Acceptances January

The final PoM 2013-2014 awards!

The Grand PoM Awards - for participants who scored the most points overall 

1st Prize - the $100 Amazon gift card goes to Christopher Hayes, who scored a total of 250 points.

2nd Prize - the $75 Amazon gift card goes to Nestor Tkachenko, who scored 204 points.

3rd Prizesthe $50 Amazon gift cards  goes  to Andrew Gritsevskiy (183 points) and Albert Gerovitch (179 points)

Diplomas and some special prizes will be awarded to them at the Opening Ceremony at SigmaCamp 2014!

Special Award winners - their submissions to PoM in the respective subjects particularly stood out to the graders.

Chemistry: Anya and Masha Zorin

Math: Anthony Roitman

Physics: Tatiana Malcevic

They will also receive their diplomas and prizes at the opening ceremony at SigmaCamp.

Congratulations to all winners!

We thank everyone again for a great season of PoM and are looking forward to the upcoming year! It was a pleasure to come up with problems for you and to read your submissions. We truly hope you enjoyed solving them!


 Congratulations to Sophia Abanov and Anthony Roitman: Their solutions in math for January and February, respectively, have been selected for the Best Solutions Gallery!

 Congratulations to following Problem of the Month Contest participants who have gotten high scores in PoM and been accepted to SigmaCamp 2014:


Abanov Sophia, Barboy Grishka, Bershadsky David, Bershadsky Lev, Billig Maxim, Braverman Laura, Gerovitch Michael, Gerovitch Albert, Ryan Krug, Smolyak David, Freudenberg Jerome, Gritsevskiy Andrew, Hayes Christopher, Malcevic Tatiana, Podobedov Nikita, Roitman Anthony, Tcherevik Nikita, Tkachenko Ivanka, Tkachenko Nestor, Maslova Vika, Zorin Anya, Zorin Masha