Day 8

More photos of everyone, including faculty, are coming in a few days.  We are editing them and will post as soon as we get a  good wi-fi connection.

On a different note, we have an important announcement.  The night that we brought a lot of extra blankets for everyone who was cold, we collected these blankets all over the place.  Some of them bellonged to the staff of the Sigma Camp and a lot were the property of Silver Lake.  If you packed some of these in your luggage accidentally, Silver Lake needs their blankets back.  The most important thing is to find all of the hand made quilts.  They were made for the conference center by locla church ladies and are irreplacable.  If you should find any of that in you luggage, please, mail them back to the Silver Lake Conference Center, 223 Low Rd, Sharon, CT 06069 or contact us.

Thank you so much for your help.  We hope you had a wonderful time in the camp.  We certainly did.  

You photo team