Completion of PoM for 2014-15

Problem of the Month Winners

The February 2015 Problem of the Month set, the last set of 2014-2015 POM season, have been graded and the final scores of the season are now available. Overall, we have seen very impressive performance this season. Many of you have submitted correct solutions to some of the most challenging problems in the history of our POM competition. We hope that you had as much fun solving these problems, as we, the Sigma PoM staff, had devising and selecting them.

Now, it is the time to applaud and congratulate our winners, who demonstrated stunning performance, outstanding abilities, and fine intellectual power.

  1. The First place and a $100 Amazon gift card are awarded to the POM Champion:
    Sophia Colon (209 points).
  2. The Second place and a $75 Amazon gift card are awarded to
    Daniel Salkinder (135 points).
  3. The Third place and a $50 Amazon gift card are awarded to
    Michael Gerovitch (124 points)
    Arina Khotimsky (123 points)
  4. The Fourth place with special mention in particular subjects and a $25 Amazon gift card are awarded to
    Michael Hadjiivanov (116 points) – with mention in Biology and Mathematics
    Anthony Roitman (116 points) – with mention in Physics and Mathematics
    Iris Brook (113 points) – with mention in Mathematics and Computer Science

Winners will receive the gift cards by mail in the next few weeks.

Diplomas and some special prizes will be awarded to all winners at the Opening Ceremony at SigmaCamp 2015!

All PoM participants have the priority in acceptance to SigmaCamp 2015!

We hope that you liked solving the problems that we have offered in 2014 and 2015 and that you will be anxiously waiting for the next year's season. We are always looking for your feedback and plan to conduct a poll asking you to share with us what you liked and what you did not like this time, before the beginning of the next season. You can also provide your feedback by writing to, which we always greatly appreciate.

Igor Zaliznyak
Chair, Sigma POM Committee 2014-2015.