Welcome to SigmaCamp! Sunny weather + fun-loving counselors = an amazing day! Campers finally got to meet their counselors, and got to know their teammates through character- and team-building stations; aka the infamous SigmaQuest (organied by our very own Andrey Khesin). The campers had to assemble a real camping tent; escape a lecture room with only wooden box clues to guide them; play scientific charades (much more fun than normal charades, especially for the scientists); and they even had time for a friendly game of soccer! Comparing clues that each team received after completing each station, the 10 teams had to work together to figure out the answer to such a complicated riddle (again, thanks to our very own Andrey Khesin). Dinner was then a welcome opportunity for campers and counselors alike to relax after such an eventful day. Finally, it was time for the most exciting part; the opening ceremony itself! The announcement of the official start of SigmaCamp culminated in the traditional release of the SigmaSpirit, accompanied by an amazing display of blue-green colored flames. Campers then finally retired to their cabins for the day, chattering happily and munching on cookies and milk.