Today SigmaCamp had some really interesting morning lectures; we talked about the neurobiology of maximizing intelligence (given by Lilianne Mujica-Parodi); an invitation to geometry (given by Alexandre Kirillov, Sr.); the discovery of new drugs (given by Mark Lukin); chaotic introduction to chaos theory (given by Alexei Tkachenko); and non-euclidean geometry (given by Slava Gerovitch). Semilabs were as interesting as ever; campers delved even further into their respective fields, finding new things to learn every step of the way. Workshops today were simply wonderful; the perfect chocolate chip cookie made a great comeback. We also had the ever-popular glass-blowing, where campers made beautiful glass flowers; the science behind boomerangs; holography; and we even had an amazing camper workshop (Junior Instructor Challenge), in which Michelle Roitgarts talked about the very thoughtful question, "Does Your Brain Trick You?" Finally, evening clubs were so much fun, as usual - we had a very, very animated game of Mafia; and many of the campers and counselors spent the whole evening dancing the cha-cha. The day ended with brownies and milk before bed, leaving the campers satisfied and smiling.