Problem of the Month: new deadline and hints

This year we are introducing new problem submission option, allowing 5 more days for the post-deadline submissions. Additionally, we will be offering hints for solving problems in some subjects. Thus, the deadline for regular POM submissions remains the midnight of the 5th of the month. However, post-deadline submissions will be accepted until the midnight of the 10th of the month, but the point value of the solutions submitted during this period will be only 60% of the full regular submission, that is 3pts and 6pts, instead of 5pts and 10pts. Moreover, in some subjects hints for solving the problems will be offered, in which case(s) the point values will be further reduced, to 50% of the regular values (subject to rounding error, e. g. 2.5 would still be rounded up to 3).

Thus, instead of solutions, hints in some subjects will be posted on the 6th of the month, and solutions will be posted on the midnight of the 10th.

You can view hints for September problems here