Today at Sigma Camp there were four well-attended lectures in the morning:

  • Anne-Marie Grisogono, "The Strange Power of Information"
  • Alexander Vologodsky, "Motion of nanoparticles in water and biological molecular motors"
  • Mark Lukin, "Color, Dyes, and Fluorescence"
  • Slava Yurchenko, "What else is out there? or fascinating biology of the invisible organisms"

The lectures were followed by am semilabs where learning and exploration continued.

Sports and art in the heat were followed by the Silver Lake Conference Center organized BBQ lunch for us by the lake. The refreshing rain was welcomed by all involved.

PM Semilabs continued the learning experience. Later campers showed off their knowledge and creativity during the next round of Sigma Tournament.

At dinner the topics for the movie festival were announced. All over the camp the activity started in every team trying to outdo everyone else by producing the best creative version of Sherlock Holmes in their assigned genre.

Geography B, Ballroom Dancing, Mafia, Escape the Lab and Game room concluded our full and eventful day.