Day 2

Another beautiful day of Sigma has come and gone! This morning, we headed off to spectacular lectures about entropy; sports data analyses; and the world of art forgery, among others. The day of mixing pigments; controlling cockroaches; learning about viruses and cyphers and Archimedes (oh my!) was interrupted only by a cookout lunch at the shimmering lake. A bright and sunny afternoon turned into a cool evening, bringing with it even cooler workshops - workshops about cracking open geodes; creating bismuth crystals; making inkblot personality tests; folding paper cranes; and learning about poker game theory, along with many others! As evening turned to night, one of our labs became a movie theater, featuring a short film on string theory; another porch turned into a dance floor, letting us cha-cha and tango our hearts out. Tired but satisfied, we finished our milk and cookies and happily fell asleep.