Day 5

Sigma is still in full swing as the week draws to a close. The morning started off with several lectures, on topics such as measuring time, cosmic inflation, and mathematics of the brain, to name just a few. The last semilabs of the season finished up today, bringing our wonderful academic journey partially to a close. We had a highly interesting trivia game instead of the Sigma Tournament today, with questions about everything imaginable and answers ranging from the practical to the bizarre. This evening's workshops and evening clubs were more popular than ever, as teams finished filming their sketches for the Movie Festival tomorrow. The workshops included ones about muscles moving to music involuntarily, silk painting, bath bombs, the science of crepes, and ballroom swing, among others. The evening clubs hosted today included our regular Mafia and Escape the Room games, as well as a brand-new geography bee! Campers, counselors, and faculty alike were enthralled. The day quickly came to an enthusiastic end, everybody eagerly awaiting the excitement of tomorrow!