Sigma Camp Day 1

Today Sigma Camp welcomed its campers!
Excited campers started arriving at midday. There were many emotional reunions of old friends as well as beginnings of the new friendships.
Right after everyone settled into their cabins, we took an impressive group photo. To take this photo, Sigma photographers had to climbed a ladder, and a drone zoomed around above to make sure that everyone was in the pictures.
After the photo, we had a remarkable time during the revamped Sigma Quest. Each team used their artistic talents to create inventive team posters and participated in constructing famous monuments from wind tubes. To get to know each other, we asked our teammates countless questions during “speed dating”, practiced some ninja moves, and finally learned how to address our teammates by “shooting” our names at each other together with some labels of chemical elements.
After completing all the Sigma Quest stations, we decoded the secret messages hidden in the clues. During our Opening ceremony, the campers met the faculty of Sigma Camp and learned some fun facts about them, the winners of Problem of the Month received their prizes for their impressing work and problem solving skills, and the counselors showed off a Sigma infomercial they performed onstage. We were impressed by a fascinating lecture about Science in 2018 by Michael Bershadsky.
The unforgettable opening ceremony was completed by the release of the Sigma Spirit of 2017! Sigma Camp 2018 has officially begun! Here are the albums.