Sigma Camp Day 3

Another day full of fun and learning at Sigma is over. The weather today was more lovely than what we could dream of. The rain finally stopped and we were able to participate in the high rope course and even swim in the lake. Right after breakfast we dived into black holes, discussed the saga of the Chernobyl reactor, explored some exciting histories behind art in business and politics, and discovered deep secrets of Riemann sphere and Möbius transformations – oh my! In our semilabs we continued to write computer codes to help us decide if we needed more gas for our car, built a device that helped us to look around a corner without sticking our heads out, measured radioactivity of some household items, discovered and proved the Archimedes’  lever rule to find the volume of a sphere, cooked a hot dog with electricity, and made a counterfeit money detector.Before lunch we played more soccer and badminton, and created amazing art pieces with stones. We had a lot of fun solving biology and chemistry problems while competing in the Sigma tournament. During our workshops we created our own rocket engines, designed fascinating 3-D shapes with Blender, and discuss various geysers. We went beyond and played tic-tac-toe in the third dimension. The most fearless of us solved physics puzzles and played games with neural networks. We broke some codes, did fun things with plastic knives and gelatin, spent another day learning Korean, recreated the firefly chemical reaction, and discussed vibration-powered generators. Together with our daily creation of glass flowers, we played SET, learned how to make our glasses sing and created a glass harp. The most curious of us learned about acids by turning cabbage bright red, solved puzzling math problems and caught a lot of memory related computer bugs. Before we had our nightly cookies and milk we escaped the room, joined mafia again, and waltzed our way to the moon.  We were most excited to wish a very happy birthday to Alex and Ian. Tonight is the perfect night for stargazing – too bad that we have to go to sleep to regain our energy for the next day full of discoveries. Here are the albums.