Sigma Camp Day 4

The weather at Sigma was a real gift today. We started our day with our morning exercise. Right after breakfast we eagerly joined the most captivating lectures- we were lucky to observe various examples of different language universals, explored causes of ocean deoxygenation, discussed the birth of physics, tackled the Bayesian brain hypothesis, and conceptualized higher dimensions to understand the Big Bang, black holes and elementary particles. After the lectures we rushed to our semilabs, where we cooked and devoured panna cotta, looked through a spectroscope at what colors get absorbed by chemical complexes, purified green fluorescent protein, and continued building circuits that would become a synthesizer.

The lake was incredibly beautiful and peaceful at Sigma Camp, so we decided to stroll through the woods to enjoy our lunch there. Of course, with such warm and sunny weather we relished a swim in the lake beforehand.

The most exciting part of Sigma Tournament – the Brain Ring – happened today! We were enthusiastic to compete against each other’s teams, as well as a team of our esteemed faculty! We succeeded in answering every single intriguing question, and most importantly, we worked as a team! After the Brain Ring, we enjoyed playing soccer and basketball as well as preparing for the most important event of the evening…

Right after our delicious dinner, we joined some incredible workshops. We pushed sound through a metal plate, played more Spot it!, built a telescope, created some fancy demonstrations from ordinary chemical reactions, and defeated gravitation with Bernoulli principle. We were not afraid to get controlled to dance, learn how to make websites safer with XSS, and stretch to become real yogis. We were curious to explore the power of synesthesia, go back in time with Laminar flow, solve classical and new physics paradoxes, and wish upon the stars. We also worked with our hands: we crafted bracelets, discovered the impact of exercise on our academic abilities, baked some buns, and became Talavera artists.

When our workshops were over, we were still not at all tired. We kept talking and nobody exploded, stayed with mafia for one more day, escaped the room, learned how to tango, got artistic and found inspiration at the Art house.

It is now time to unravel the most important event of the day - our Chamber Music concert! We have numerous talented musicians at Sigma Camp. It was pleasurable to enjoy some fantastic piano, guitar and violin performances by our talented musicians. We were immensely impressed by the incredible performances of Bach and Rachmaninoff.

We ended our day with cookies and milk during our team time. We are ready to rest to get ready for another day full of adventure at Sigma Camp.

Here are the albums.