Sigma Camp Day 5

Today we started our day bright and early. After a fulfilling breakfast we proceeded to our astonishing lectures. We investigated Benford’s law to discuss how to detect financial fraud, examined accelerator-based light sources, investigated the life of sun as a star, and reviewed the means behind discovery and validation of a drug. 


In our semilabs we finished building solar battery flashlight to generate huge sparks, cooked delicious steak with mashed potatoes, worked on the captivating footage for our science movies, created a spam filter in chatbots, measured the radioactivity of bananas, used a Wimshurst machine to create electric sparks and discharges in air and light bulbs, learned how to communicate with Arduino boards via serial interfaces, and controlled LED brightness with a potentiometer. 


Today was one of the best days to play soccer and climb high ropes course. We participated in the ping-pong tournament as well as in math games part of the Sigma tournament. Before dinner, we created some Talavera tiles in our art house. The kiln is finally on and ready to bake the masterpieces of our tiles.


The weather was so delightful that we could not stop ourselves from having our tasty dinner by the lake. Besides beautiful views and warm sunshine, we enjoyed ice cream created with liquid nitrogen. Could there be anything better than that? 


After a steep climb back up from the lake, we were eager to join numerous workshops. We heard light and saw sound, played Japanese chess, learned how the lungs and heart work together, became glassmakers, visited virtual reality to look at the latest structural biology research, explored the formations of a geode, solved physics puzzles, learned about the cyanotype, practiced Kumihimo, got introduced to video games design, got caught read handed with fingerprinting, discussed some game theory, delved into financial markets, mapped retinal neurons.


The highlight of our day was our annual talent show. Sigma has immeasurable talent! We greatly enjoyed playing the violin, saxophone, and guitar, as well as contemporary dancing. Together with the counselors and faculty we participated in an epic rap battle.


Today lasted a little longer than a usual day. That is why we were so eager for our milk and cookies before we went to sleep. We will be rested and ready for tomorrow!


Here are the albums.