Day 1: August 11th, 2019

Today, Sigma Camp 2019 welcomed its new and returning campers! Excited campers started arriving at midday. There were many emotional reunions of old friends as well as beginnings of new friendships. Right after everyone settled into their cabins, we took an impressive group photo. To take this photo, Sigma photographers had to climb a ladder, and a drone zoomed around above to make sure that everyone was included in the picture. After the photo, we had an extraordinary time during our Sigma Quest. Each team got a chance to arrange themselves based on a timeline of inventions, build a Da Vinci bridge, silently sweep some mines on the dining hall stage, follow some complicated directions, fold a blanket while standing on it, and take some creative team photos. After the Quest was over, each team created a unique team poster. During our Opening Ceremony, the campers met the faculty of Sigma Camp and learned some fun facts about them, the winners of Problem of the Month received their prizes for their impressing work and problem-solving skills, and the counselors showed off the tough and competitive process of becoming a Sigma counselor. We were captivated by Yuri Salkinder's intriguing lecture how industrial revolutions from the 18th century to the current one make our world more interesting. We learned that Google Assist could schedule a haircut appointment for us and a computer would be able to participate in our inner thoughts! The unforgettable opening ceremony was completed by the release of the Sigma Spirit of 2018, marking the official opening of Sigma Camp 2019. We ended a long and busy day with milk and cookies, discussing highlights of the day as well as hopes and expectations for tomorrow. See the link below for photos of the day: