Day 2: August 12th, 2019

The first day of Sigma 2019 is almost over. Our day started with the usual morning exercise and a satisfying breakfast. After breakfast we were immersed into some geometric proofs from The Book, learned how to control the proteins in living organisms, discovered the brave world of Bitcoin, witnessed the generation of stories by a computer, and were fascinated by the physics of dating (not the social type, but measuring the age of the planets and the Universe). Our captivating semilabs started today as well. We started developing a new language for werewolves and Martians, made circuit playground express blink, discussed the dual nature of light, found the balance point of a star and transformed plasmids with genes of green fluorescent protein into bacteria. After our semilabs we competed in the Sigma Tournament where we figured out the number of children in a family and found out who glued some pennies into a coffee can. We enjoyed the weather outside while playing basketball as well as creating some incredible art. After dinner we visited some of the most captivating workshops. We mastered the art of Gongfu tea ceremony, captured some muons, learned how to replace a button on a shirt, made our own puzzles, decided to visit Antarctica to witness the next total solar eclipse, explored wave science, experience Turing machines, and, of course, became professional glassmakers. Only the boldest of us launched black powder rockets, decorated some delicious desserts, played Set, observed fluid dynamics, and created random walk mazes. Despite our busy day we still had enough energy to keep talking so that no one would explode, played Avalon, escaped the room, cooperated with Hanabi, answered some science trivia questions, read some captivating books, and waltzed until it was time to eat cookies with milk. Now we are getting ready to rest to replenish our energy for the new day tomorrow. See the link below for photos of the day: