Day 3. Tuesday August 13, 2019

We have now finished two full days of Sigma 2019! After waking up to invigorating music and doing some exercise to wake up and get ready for the day, teams headed to the dining hall for a scrumptious breakfast. Afterwards, we were captivated by discussions of how we use math to explain language patterns, phase transitions and predicting future election votes, probability of what happens today given only the events of yesterday, and how nuclear bombs are made. Our semilabs continued as well; we started filming workshops and interviewing students to make some interesting mini-films, learned about functions that call themselves, created beautiful glass penguins, generated colorful ion complexes, explored the International Phonetic Alphabet, learned to conquer a casino, and much more. The Sigma Tournament was riveting and exhilarating; we determined an optimal fitness strategy for color-changing lizards, counted DNA permutations, and figured out how to determine blood type! After the tournament we enjoyed a well-deserved snack and break, playing soccer and badminton as well as painting beautiful square tiles, then hungry campers rushed to the dining hall once again for dinner time. We had several fascinating workshops today, which included terrarium-building, making chocolate-art, watched an awesome rocket-shooting display, and building a motor. We started wrapping up the day with our exciting evening activities; we played intense games of Sigma Trivia, learned the ins and outs of the Samba, and successfully escaped the room! We ended the day on a high note, eating cookies and spending time with our teams, laughing and discussing the coming days ahead. See the link below for photos of the day: