Day 4: Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Sigma 2019 is nearly at the half-way point! The days are flying by :) After the usual musical wake-up and warming up the muscles and the mind with morning exercise, we enjoyed the most important meal of the day - delicious scrambled eggs and hash browns! Then we were engrossed in many fascinating conversations; we learned how to collect anything from sneezes to cars and amazing art, and why we have mutations and shouldn’t be afraid of them, among many other interesting topics. Our semilabs are getting into the deep end; we programmed robots to follow a given path, constructed a language for sheep and werewolves, created petri dish art, and made microcontrollers sensitive. Today we took a merited break from Sigma Tournament and had some extra free time; during this hour the Chamber Concert and Talent Show were being planned and prepared, and campers enjoyed a snack by the dining hall. The hour that followed is appropriately named ‘Sports, Art, Music’ on the daily schedule; campers took advantage of our beautiful grassy fields, art center, and piano in the Cedars cabin to take their minds away from science for a short while. After a yummy dinner with their respective counselors and teammates, campers went to a variety of fun and memorable workshops. We figured out geometrically correct ways to doodle, made soap, learned how the right liquid can spike in a magnetic field, and measured how much sports improves our mathematical ability. As the sun began to set and the day started coming to a close, campers took part in our awesome evening program, learning the West Coast Swing, listening to talented campers perform classical music pieces at the Chamber Concert, and avoiding deadly attacks from the mafia. Team Time before bed was particularly exciting today; teams practiced and finished writing their parts for tomorrow’s camp-wide rap battles that will take place during the Talent Show! Looking forward to being impressed once again by our wonderful, creative campers. See the link below for photos of the day: