Day 5, August 15, 2019

One more day of Sigma 2019 has come to a close. Today, we heard wonderful lectures about quantum teleportation by Herman Verlinde, the secret life of an experimental chemist by Eugene Pinkhassik, providing access to higher education for excellent students with difficult life circumstances by Eboney Hearn, unconscious patterns in human language by Robert Hoberman, and about the Chernobyl disaster by our very own Igor. All of our semilabs are in full swing, and campers are beginning to see the results of their work and gain confidence in what they are learning. Sports, art and music time was combined with a lot of creative team activities in preparation for the evening rap battles. Today's Sigma Tournament had an experimental chemistry problem; all teams are working hard to increase their scores. However, all outcomes are still up in the air, and the Grand Unification (coming up on Saturday) has been known to turn the tables on many. With all kinds of emotions running high, it was nice to have a serene dinner at the lake before proceeding to all of our creative workshops, ran by faculty and counselors, and sometimes even campers themselves. The evening concluded with the Talent Show by all who were brave enough to hit the stage. Their boldness was much rewarded by the entire camp - claps, snaps, cheers, and roars of the crowd (particularly during rap battles) resonated across the dining hall. The rap battles were extremely creative in costumes and lyrics, and it was not easy to determine the winners. We all had a fantastic time! This exciting day was wound down during team time, then campers went to bed to recharge for the next day of more Sigma Spirit.
Please see today's photos by clicking the link below: