Day 6, August 16, 2019

Today was our last regular day of Sigma before our exciting, fun-filled ‘last day’ schedule. As usual, we started our day with morning exercise and a satisfying breakfast. During our lectures we learned about jewel wasps, compared AI and human brains, Fibonacci numbers and fractals, magnetic levitation, and played with Levitron. After lectures, we proceeded to the last day of our morning and afternoon semilabs. We finished constructing languages for werewolves and Martians, our robots almost escaped the maze, we looked at green and blue fluorescent proteins in virtual reality, played Foldit, explored Apollonian gaskets, and discussed geometric series. Even though we still have a full day of Sigma 2019 to look forward to, we cannot wait to come back next year to discover other fascinating science topics that are waiting for us. After our semilabs, teams competed in the Sigma tournament, where they were challenged with various linguistics and engineering problems. Right before dinner, we created some authentic art, built an enormous tower from wooden blocks, and played basketball and ping-pong. Today’s weather was perfect for our challenging rope course as well as a swim in the lake! After our nourishing dinner, we immersed into our last night of the most fascinating workshops; we got to discover the chemistry behind a chocolate chip cookie, solved the problem of protein folding, used our minds to control physical objects, discovered what it would be like to live on a donut shaped planet, learned how superconductors would help us levitate a train, and played Solitaire Chess. We were enthusiastic to tie some knots, we experimented with Nuno Felting, created a camera obscura, mastered the art of poi and flow, and explored the capabilities of Steganography. We were enchanted by the mysteries of brain evolution, learned how to survive at Sigma, created a film in just one hour, used chemistry to create beautiful silk patterns and, of course, created exotic glass flowers. More fun awaits for us tomorrow, and we have to replenish our energy to get ready for the final day of Sigma Tournament and the upcoming Sigma Fest! Milk and cookies, here we come!