Day 7, August 17, 2019

Today was our last full day of Sigma. We started our day with breakfast and lectures. We discussed the story of two poisons, derived Kepler’s laws geometrically, learned how to talk about brain science so that anyone can understand, used holographic principle to discuss gravitation, and analyzed the brain cells behind human behavior.

After the lectures, we had our last Sigma Tournament battle. For Grand Unification we gathered in our huge dining hall to solve some math and science problems. We could not wait to find out which team became the winner. After the completion of our Tournament, we enjoyed a wet sponge fight on our soccer field and participated in the exhilarating soccer-chess tournament where we played against counselors/faculty team. During our lunch, we sang a happy birthday song to Andrew. After the lunch, we gathered again in our dining hall for the award ceremony. While watching the short movies created during Filmmaking semilab, we received awards for junior instructor challenge, Ping-Pong and chess tournaments, and recognized our first camper-run evening club. We were very proud of team Gamma which won the first place in our Sigma Tournament. During the ceremony, we read the diplomas for our cherished faculty.

After the awards ceremony, we had our first ever Sigma Festival. During the festival we moved between different stations where we had an opportunity to play badminton and basketball, master ballroom dancing, eat some chocolate, play Contact, bake delicious banana bread, play Shogi (Japanese Chess), learn some cryptography, argue with Lesha and Igor, give lectures based on random slides, and enjoy silk painting among other things. Our first SigmaFest was a great success!

After the dinner on the field we attended Sigma’s closing ceremony. Our counselors read our diplomas and gave us gifts – books that will help maintain our interest in different areas of science. While we received our diplomas, we signed our names on a vessel where Sigma Spirit will be dwelling until Sigma Camp 2020. At the end we gathered in a circle and sealed the vessel with the Sigma Spirit saying good-bye to Sigma Camp 2019.

We are eager to go to spend the last night with our camp friends. Please, remember to pick us up tomorrow! All of us who are not picked up by 11 am will be packed into storage until next year or given to charity.