SigmaCounselors 2013

The good thing about SigmaCounselors is that every camper gets two - to keep! Well, at least for the duration of camp. With your team of a dozen campers and two counselors, you will be living in the same cabin, participating in tournaments, sharing evening stories, cookies, and milk - soon to feel like a family. The counselors' main job is to ensure the happiness and safety of all campers - with any questions or concerns, you can approach any of us, at any time (including in the middle of the night, but it better not be a prank!) We also run workshops, attend lectures, assist teaching staff at semilabs, and prepare all those fun, secret events which we wont tell you about. And, right!, sleep (that one always sleeps our minds...).

Very excited to meet you all!

Kim Lamont

Earth Science Teacher, Research Assistant, Stony Brook University

I graduated with my MAT in Earth Sciences Education this spring from Stony Brook University. In the summers when I am not teaching I work in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences as a research assistant. You can find me in the lab processing air samples extracted from Antarctic ice. In my free time I love doing all sorts of activities outdoors including hiking, running, biking, swimming, snowboarding and skiing. I'm excited to be a SigmaCounselor this summer and can't wait to meet all of the SigmaCampers!




Andrey Gromov

Graduate student at Stony Brook University, Department of Physics and Astronomy

I am on the 4th year of PhD program in Physics. My research is in the field of condensed matter and mathematical physics. This means that I have to know both mathematics and physics as well as how to translate between them. Generally I am interested in applications of mathematics to all kinds of problems be it interaction of electrons or people (as in game theory) or neurons in the brain (or in artificial neural network). In the camp I will show you that mathematics can be applied to almost every aspect of your life.


Alex Treyer 

Graduate Student, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

I am a PhD candidate in cell biology. Personally, I am still struggling with this notion, hence my ongoing interests in music and musical instruments, stargazing, spending time outdoors, and coming to Sigma camp to relax from my studies. I am very hopeful to meet the new guys and girls and recognize the “old familiar” faces, to see the great soccer-chess biathlon happen again, and to sit by the fire at night (maybe Mark will make it colorful again). If you like playing soccer (or want to start) and happen to have a pair of turf shoes (not cleats!) – bring ‘em, but don’t worry if you don’t – last year we would mostly play barefoot anyway.



Nick Tarantino

Graduate student at Stony Brook University, Department of Physics and Astronomy

I'm a first-time Sigma counselor, and I've just completed my first year of my PhD in physics. I work on the more mathematical aspects of physics, which means I spend lots of time with my trusty paper and pen, trying to figure the world out. When I'm not staining my hands with ink, you can find me kayaking, cooking, debating or playing a rousing game of Settlers of Catan.



Sunni Tang

Graduate student (MAT Earth Science), Stony Brook University Resident Assistant

I will be completing my final year at Stony Brook University this upcoming Fall, working toward my Masters in Teachering in Earth Science and general sciences. My undergraduate studies include BA Earth and Space Sciences and BS Geology. Besides my growing passion in the scienes, I find great pleasure in building community and incorporating education outside of the classroom as a resident assistant at Stony Brook University. On my free time, I enjoy developing my involvement in the arts and spending time under the sun. I look forward to sharing experiences with our campers!




Kyril Piatkevich

Post Doctoral Fellow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Post Doctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 I’ve loved chemistry since I was a kid, which I think made my parents a little nervous from time to time. However, I never gave it any doubts and, fast forward twenty years, I still love it. For several years now I have been learning how to use light to uncover never-before seen lives of biological molecules, and (it gets better) – how to control them. I hope to share something with all the sigmoids this year, be it some knowledge about the happy marriage of light and chemistry (also known as photography), getting your hands dirty with silver while trying to make something that will capture photons, or just looking over Kostya’s shoulder while he shows you how to preserve a bird-sized butterfly. And if you are new to everything I just said, then it’s only better.


Danya Lukin

Senior at Ward Melville High School, California Institute of Technology

A prospective Applied Physics major, I like to design and build various contraptions, and to take things apart and put them back together. Although my curiosity has never killed a cat, it did take a toil on some electronics around my house. Did you know that if you disassemble and reassemble a device many times, there will be enough spare parts to make another one? Anyways, come to my workshop! If there is one important thing I do at SigmaCamp, it is helping you guys wake up bright and early: I crank up energizing music to extreme volumes at 7:45 a.m., and that has proven to get us in trouble with the local police. If there is a particular song(s) you want to hear played on a fine SigmaMorning, be sure to drop me a note at



Jenny Nitishinskaya

Senior at HUnter College High School, Harvard College

 I really like math, but I can get excited about pretty much anything! My favorite class this year, for example, was organic chemistry. I love a good problem, both science-related and not. I have an arbitrarily large number of puzzles I can pull out, so feel free to ask me for one, or show me one! I like board and card games, too, and cooking and photography (none of which I'm very good at, actually, but I still love them!).  


Cristina Mata

Senior at Ward Melville High School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I am interested mainly in electrical engineering and math, but I also like learning about all the sciences. This will be my second year as a SigmaCounselor! You can find me running, walking and thinking outside, and I won’t say no to a good book or movie (think Lord Jim and Badlands). Music is a big part of my life, I love playing the violin and have recently taken up guitar. I listen to basically all genres of music, except movie scores. If you want to see something interesting take a look at my ipod. I’ll also look into anything you recommend.




Angie Schtenger

Junior at Longwood HS

Math is my absolute favorite subject in school, but it is not the only one, as I love history and science as well. I spend most of my freetime reading, whether it's a mystery or a romance, or just about anything else! I can always suggest a really good book to read, something that can capture anyone's attention! Traveling and photography are some of my other interests, and one day I hope to see the entire world. Feel free to talk to me about anything, I have a variety of interests, including music as well!


 Angela Chen

Technology Commercialization

After graduating from Stanford majoring in Physics and minoring in Economics, I worked as a technology research analyst, then in Philippine economic development running business plan competitions for entrepreneurs to commercialize their technologies. I believe that scientific progress should consider the environment, and pursue sustainability though Blue Can Water (shifting water delivery from plastic to aluminum to reduce plastic pollution) and consulting with green buildings in Manila. My past experiences include nanotech patent law, NASA, Agilent Technologies, scripting on supercomputers at Sandia Labs, Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Monte Polizzo Archaeology Project, and Manipulation of the Atom. For fun: I love music, attending concerts, biking, food, and travel; I annually celebrate Pi Day on March 14.


Alex Zaliznyak


Graduate Student, Stanford University



Chelsea Maresca

Undergraduate Student at Stony Brook University, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

This will be my first year as a SigmaCamp counselor! I’ve always had a passion for math and science, and will be entering my junior year at Stony Brook University in the fall with a major in Applied Math and a minor in Astronomy; I will also be working as a mentor in the WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Program, where I again get to spread my love of the sciences! I spend most of my free time outside, where I enjoy kayaking, biking, swimming, hiking, doing yoga, or simply stargazing. The rest of the time you’ll find me at a museum, art gallery, concert, or just reading a great book! I also love logic puzzles, cards, and board games… Settlers of Catan, anyone? I can’t wait to meet all the other SigmaCamp campers and counselors!