SC 2020 Academic Program


The academic program at Virtual Sigma will be largely similar in format to the regular program. We have a very intensivе scientific program in SigmaCamp, covering  Math, Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science...) and Engineering (microporocessors, robotics,...).


Lectures are informal presentations given by actively working specialists in different areas of science and math. You will be able to choose between 4 or 5 different lectures that will all be running simultaneously. We encourage you to attend lectures from different disciplines – it might surprise you how tightly interconnected math, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science are!

List of lectures is now available here.

To adapt to the new online format, we are also anticipating to have more discussion-oriented sessions where participants are more involved than they otherwise would be in a lecture format. This new experimental format is under consideration.


The main part of our academic program are the Semilabs, where theoretical (Seminar) and practical (Lab) parts are combined into 90-minute session. Each semilab is a course, running for the five “regular” days of camp. Although on a regular year, everyone attends two semilabs, this year, students will attend one semilab. the change was motivated by the desire to not exceed a reasonable number of hours of screen time per day for our students.

The list of Semilabs 2020 is now available and can be found here.

Sigma Tournament

The Sigma tournament is our traditional team problem-solving tournament, which features problems from Math and Physics, Biology and Linguistics. We are happy to announce that the Sigma Tournament will continue to be part of Sigma in the virtual format. We are excited to share with you this new format. You can read the rules here.


We want to encourage you to explore a great variety of science and math topics – those you were always interested in, and those you never knew existed. Traditionally, workshops are hands on activities exploring a variety of subjects. This years's workshops can be found here.