Academic Program

We have a very intensivе scientific program in SigmaCamp, covering a Math and sciences including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science.


Every morning right after breakfast you will go to one of the day's Lectures – informal presentations given by actively working specialists in different areas of science and math. You will be able to choose between 3 or 4 different lectures that will all be running simultaneously. We encourage you to attend lectures from different disciplines – it might surprise you how tightly interconnected math, physics, chemistry, and biology are!

A full list of all lectures of SigmaCamp2015 can be found here.



The main part of our academic program are the Semilabs, where theoretical (Seminar) and practical (Lab) parts are combined into 90-minute session. Each semilab is a course, running for the five “regular” days of camp. You will choose 2 semilabs to attend.

A preliminary list of Semilabs for 2015 is now available. You can also see some photos from last year semilabs.


Sigma Tournament

The Sigma tournament is our traditional team problem-solving tournament, which features problems from Math and Physics, Biology and Linguistics.

Read more about it on the Sigma Tournament  2013 page and 2014 page.



We want to encourage you to explore a great variety of science and math topics – those you were always interested in, and those you never knew existed. In our daily workshops, you will get a chance to grow your own “Silicate Gardens”, learn the art of glass blowing, play math games with counselors, and launch your own rocket. Try a different workshop every day!

Here is a list of Workshops we had in SigmaCamp 2015.


Junior Instructor Challenge and Experiment of the day

We offer the campers a chance to share their knowledge with other campers. Last year there were two ways of doing this: Junior instructor Challenge, in which the campers would lead some classes for younger children (not yet campers themselves), and Experiment of the day, in which campers would demonstrate some science experiment they really liked to the whole camp.  This year we also plan to have similar programs.