SigmaCamp 2017 - Semilabs

The main part of SigmaCamp academic program are the semilabs that combine theoretical (Seminar) and practical (Lab) parts in 90-minute session. Each semilab is a course, running for the five “regular” days of camp. Each student can attend  2 semilabs. 

On this page, you can find the list of semilabs which will be offered in SigmaCamp 2017. Semilabs come in three difficulty lеvels. Please consider the following guidelines when selecting semilabs you would like to attend at SC2017: 

An introductory level semilab does not assume any prior knowledge on the topic.

Intermediate level semilabs do not require any prior knowledge on the topic, but will generally be more challenging.

Advanced level semilabs are the most challenging ones. They have prerequisites - a set of concepts you are expected to be familiar with prior to attending the semilab.

Introductory semilabs

Intermediate semilabs

Advanced semilabs